In May 2020, Keppel unveiled Vision 2030, the Group’s long-term roadmap to guide its transformation and growth as one integrated company, providing solutions for sustainable urbanisation, with sustainability at the core of the Company’s strategy.

Vision 2030 defines Keppel’s purpose, focuses its business and ultimately aims to accelerate growth and create value for its stakeholders. It positions Keppel to seize opportunities against the backdrop of key macrotrends that are shaping the world, including rapid urbanisation, climate change, energy transition, growing digitalisation and ageing populations. Keppel aims to be a powerhouse of sustainable urbanisation solutions, leveraging the Company’s track record and capabilities in Energy & Environment, Urban Development and Connectivity, with an Asset Management arm to fund the Group’s growth, provide a platform for capital recycling, and pull the Group together to seize opportunities with an asset-light business model.

Since the Vision was announced, the Company has made considerable progress and accelerated the execution of Vision 2030, with a view to achieving its targets by 2025.

With growing international concerns about climate change, many governments and companies have made net zero commitments, in turn creating strong demand for renewables, clean energy, decarbonisation solutions, waste and water treatment, as well as green buildings and data centres – all of which are solutions that Keppel provides. Keppel is thus in pole position to be a preferred partner for governments, customers and investors on the journey to net zero.


Under Vision 2030, Keppel will also sharpen its focus, simplify its business, double down on the key areas identified, and pivot away from lumpy earnings towards more recurring income.

In June 2021, it announced the proposed combination of Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) and Sembcorp Marine, as well as the resolution of its legacy rigs. Even earlier, in January 2021, Keppel had announced the organic transformation of Keppel O&M and that the Company would exit the oil rig building business, after completing the existing uncompleted rigs. Keppel has also announced the proposed divestment of its logistics business in Southeast Asia and Australia. It has also been progressively divesting its logistics assets in China in the past two years.

Focused on making sustainability its business, Keppel is deepening its presence in areas spanning renewables, electrification, carbon-free energy alternatives and decarbonisation solutions, to expand and fortify its capabilities in low-carbon, circular economy solutions. Many of Keppel Infrastructure’s new business pursuits and research and development (R&D) efforts in the past year were in these areas. To scale up quickly to capture opportunities arising from global energy transition, Keppel will also seek opportunities to acquire assets and stakes in established operating platforms. In the longer run, Keppel is also looking at developing solutions for carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), as well as new energy vectors, such as green ammonia and hydrogen.

Keppel Land is transforming from a traditional real estate developer into an asset-light provider of innovative and sustainable urban space solutions. In 2021, Keppel Land achieved substantial progress monetising its landbank, and is also embracing new business models such as Real Estate as a Service, and expanding its focus on sustainable urban renewal and senior living solutions that can yield potential streams of recurring income. Mindful of the risks and opportunities engendered by climate change, Keppel Land is also exploring the development of climate-resilient nearshore developments, or “floating cities”, which could help to mitigate the impact of rising sea levels.

Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation is expanding its data centre portfolio and exploring ways to reduce the carbon footprint of data centres, with plans to start the development of its innovative, energy-efficient floating data centre in Singapore in 2022, subject to regulatory approval. Keppel has also collaborated with partners to launch the Bifrost Cable System, which when completed in 2024, is set to meet the growing digital connectivity needs between Southeast Asia and the west coast of North America.

Meanwhile, M1 continues to advance on its multi-year digital transformation from a traditional telco into a cloud native connectivity platform. Key milestones in 2021 include the monetisation of its network assets, growing its enterprise business, rolling out its 5G Standalone network and expanding 5G use cases.

Keppel Capital continues to grow its assets under management, expanding its asset classes and growing recurring fee income. Amidst heightened concerns about inflation, there is strong demand from investors for the real assets that the Group manages, which can serve as effective inflation hedges.

Increasingly, the Group is integrating its capabilities across its focus segments to work even more closely together to create smarter and more sustainable solutions, while leveraging third-party funds for growth. Such OneKeppel integration would allow the Group to address emerging opportunities that may not be available to individual business units, thus ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


With the world focusing increasingly on sustainable development and climate change, Keppel is in the right space and at the right time to provide solutions which are good for the planet, people and the Company. Guided by its focus on sustainability, leveraging an asset-light model, and harnessing technology and the Group’s track record, Keppel will contribute to advancing sustainability, while accelerating growth.


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