Senior management

Our management works closely with our Board to steer the Group towards achieving sustainable growth.

  • Cindy Lim


    (Group Corporate Development)

    Managing Director

    Keppel Urban Solutions

  • Sebastien Lamy


    (Group Strategy & Development)

    Managing Director

    Keppel Technology & Innovation

  • Yeo Meng Hin


    (Group Human Resources)

  • Ho Tong Yen


    (Group Corporate Communications)

  • Lynn Koh

    General Manager

    (Group Treasury)

  • Caroline Chang

    General Manager

    (Group Legal)

  • Tok Soo Hwa

    General Manager

    (Group Control & Accounts)

  • Sepalika Kulasekera

    General Manager

    (Group Internal Audit)

  • Kenny Mok

    General Manager

    (Group Risk & Compliance)

  • Jacob Tong

    General Manager

    (Group Information Systems)

  • Tay Guan Chew

    General Manager

    (Group Tax)

  • Jaggi Ramesh Kumar

    General Manager

    (Group Health, Safety & Environment)

  • Eric Goh

    Chief Representative (China)

  • Linson Lim

    Country Representative (Vietnam)

  • Ho Kiam Kheong

    India Representative 

  • Tay Lim Heng

    Chief Executive Officer

    Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City

    Investment and Development