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Cooling server racks to prevent overheating and malfunction is a mission critical function of a data centre, and it can take up as much as 50% of the overall power consumption. In 2017, Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation (Keppel T&T) invested in a Californian startup, Nautilus Data Technologies (Nautilus), which was the first company to successfully launch a waterborne data centre prototype. Situated on vessels or on land near large water bodies, such data centres use naturally chilled water to cool the facilities, and then recirculates the water back to its original source, closing the water loop.

By eliminating the need for energy-intensive air-cooling equipment and water treatment chemicals, waterborne data centres can increase cooling efficiency by up to 80%, as well as lower operating costs and carbon emissions by about 30%. Moreover, the areas previously set aside for chilling facilities can freed up and reassigned to house server racks, making floating data centres more space efficient.

Leveraging the Group’s capabilities, Keppel T&T is also collaborating with Keppel Offshore & Marine to explore the development of floating water-cooled data centre parks, which can change the way data centres are developed, operated and maintained.

The growing popularity of e-commerce coupled with changing consumer expectations of retail experiences have brought fresh challenges to the traditional brick-and-mortar retail industry as well as logistics services providers who are increasingly faced with bottlenecks at the last-mile delivery.

UrbanFox, an end-to-end urban logistics solutions provider is part of Keppel’s efforts to transform our logistics business with a future-ready blend of expertise in omnichannel logistics and multi-channel commerce capabilities.

UrbanFox’s solutions are designed to help both B2B and B2C businesses establish and grow their retail presence through leading online marketplaces or their own webstores, while maintaining a central platform to manage content, inventory and transactions across all channels.

Additionally, UrbanFox can offer customers a range of storage options such as temperature-controlled warehouses leveraging Keppel Logistics’ core strengths in third-party logistics solutions. UrbanFox also uses smart algorithms for last-mile deliveries and optimises delivery routes by time and area, making the delivery convenient for retailers, customers, and delivery workers. With a hybrid delivery network comprising fixed-fleet as well as crowdsourced drivers, UrbanFox is able to respond with agility to seasonal peaks in delivery requirements.

We will continue to drive the growth of UrbanFox to capture opportunities from the “uberisation” of logistics and the growing e-commerce market. There are plans to bring UrbanFox’s solutions to other countries in Southeast Asia, and also explore innovative concepts such as online-to-offline retail that will bridge the gap between internet users and physical malls.