Innovation & technology

We invest in the future, driving business and technology innovation to create new possibilities.

At Keppel, innovation is a part of our DNA and is a key attribute that we seek to inculcate in all aspects of the Group.

In 2004, the Keppel Technology Advisory Panel was established to advance the Group’s technology leadership. The Panel consists of eminent business leaders and industry experts from across the world. KTAP members provide technology foresight for Keppel, advise on strategic projects, and provide contacts to broaden Keppel’s networks. Collectively, members’ expertise cover a range of topics under sustainable urbanisation, such as floating platforms, urban design and liveability, alternative energy and efficiency, as well as communications networks and digitalisation.

To further accelerate innovation, we established Keppel Technology & Innovation in 2018 to sharpen our focus on innovation and to be a catalyst for change.

Based at our headquarters in Singapore, Keppel Technology & Innovation incubates ideas and projects, and aims to transform how the Group harnesses technology and innovation to create value for our stakeholders. Through Keppel Technology & Innovation, all our business units work together to improve and develop new products and services, or to innovate and enhance business models and processes, while supporting the Group’s mission of providing solutions for sustainable urbanisation.