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Keppel Corporation Limited


  • BN4
  1. Earnings per share are calculated based on the Group net profit by reference to the weighted average number of shares in issue during the year.
  2. Volume weighted average share price is used in calculating distribution yield and net price earnings ratio.
  3. Last transacted share price is used in calculating distribution yield, net price earnings ratio and net price to book ratio.
  • * Historical share prices are not adjusted for special dividends, capital distribution and dividend in specie.
  • ^ Includes the one-off financial penalty and related costs of S$619 million.
  • # The 2018 financial figures have been restated due to an IFRIC agenda decision on SFRS(I) 1-23 Borrowing costs eligible for capitalisation.
  • @ Includes special cash dividend of 5.0 cents per share.
  1. Keppel Corporation issued one bonus share for every 10 existing ordinary shares in year 2011. Keppel ADR holders were also issued one bonus ADR for every 10 existing ADRs.
  2. Dividends paid per share have been adjusted for the bonus issue in 1997 and 2011, as well as the sub-division of shares in 2007.