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Talent Management

An organisation needs to constantly grow and cultivate its pool of talent to build sustainable businesses. In Keppel, we ensure that strong performers with high potential to excel are given the opportunities to prove themselves and be developed in leadership positions.


To lead the Group into future phases of growth, Keppel adopts a holistic approach towards attracting talent and developing talent.

A systematic and structured framework has been put in place to achieve effective talent management so that high potential talents can develop and be equipped for leadership positions. 

Talent Management

Building Bench Strengths For Key Positions

Succession planning is an integral part of Keppel Talent Management process. A formal system has been put in place to identify, assess and empower high potential staff to ensure that they are ready to assume key positions.

Both the board and senior management periodically review their list of potential successors and assess them against a list of leadership competencies and Keppel Group Core Values. Through regular face-to-face interaction, executive coaching, international assignments and executive development programmes, talents' career development path are planned and tracked.

Attracting Talent

Keppel attracts talent through scholarships, internships, exchange programmes and recruitment exercises.

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Developing Talent

A company is only as good as its people and we continue to position ourselves as the leader in our field through technology leadership and building a people-oriented organisation. We want to continuously nurture our employees so that they grow beyond their current capacity to fulfill their potential.

Keppel Leadership Institute was established to identify, develop and nurture young and high potential talents and to grow them into future generations of Keppel leaders and valuable additions to our human capital. The Keppel Young Leaders was launched as a seedbed to nurture the Group's high-potential employees and providing a central platform to cultivate relevant attributes and skill sets.

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