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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The long term sustainability of the Keppel Group’s businesses is underpinned by our core value of integrity and driven at the highest level through strong corporate governance and proactive engagement with stakeholders.

The Board and Management of Keppel Corporation firmly believe that a genuine commitment to good corporate governance is essential to the sustainability of its business and performance.

Keppel is focused on upholding high standards of corporate governance with a strong and independent board, demonstrating its strong commitment to good business ethics and maintaining clear, consistent and regular communication with shareholders.

Business Ethics
As part of its strategy to prevent and control fraud, corruption and other unethical or illegal conduct, Keppel Group has in place a series of policies to safeguard the Group and its shareholders' interest against possible corporate improprieties. These policies have been communicated to all employees Group-wide.

The Group considers it important that employees understand the rules of conduct for which they are accountable, in accordance with the laws and regulation of Singapore and our own group policies. The Employee Code of Conduct addresses standards of business behaviour pertaining to the offering and receiving of business courtesies as well as issues pertaining to conflicts of interest.

Shareholder Engagement
Clear, consistent and regular communication is a hallmark of Keppel's relationships with the local and overseas investing community.

Investor meetings and conference calls with Singapore and overseas institutional investors are regularly conducted. Top management also attend non-deal roadshows to meet institutional fund managers. Such meetings contribute towards the strengthening of our relationships with our long-term shareholders.

To reach stakeholders in a timely and effective manner, we conduct ‘live' webcasts of our quarterly results and presentations. These webcasts allow viewers from around the world to listen to our top management and post questions online for them to respond to in real time. 


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