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Keppel is committed to operate in an environmentally-conscious manner and comply with environmental rules and regulations.

Making the Environment our Business 

The Group’s risk and sustainability-based strategies are used to assess, avoid, reduce and mitigate environmental risks and impacts. We continue to focus on addressing material issues, including enhancing energy efficiency, meeting green standards, managing resources and reducing waste and emissions. We disclose our performance in mitigating our environmental impact in an annual sustainability report.

A Business Model for Sustainable Development 

With the awareness of climate change and rapid urbanisation, there is growing demand for sustainable environmental solutions. Keppel is well-positioned to meet this demand with our range of technologically advanced and proven solutions, from waste-to-energy plants, green buildings, district heating and cooling systems and offshore wind turbine installation vessels.

Harmonising with the Living Environment 

Our property division incorporates green elements into its developments and aims to achieve at least the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore's (BCA) Green Mark GoldPlus standard for new developments in Singapore and BCA Green Mark Gold rating or its equivalent for new projects overseas.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives 

The Group's energy efficiency initatives include the use of energy-efficient equipment and devices; the adoption of more sustainable building designs and materials; the optimisation of operations and processes; as well as process improvements. 

Harnessing Renewable Energy

The Group strives to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and increase its use of renewable sources of energy. Keppel FELS collaborated with its vendor on a solar leasing programme and became the first shipyard in Singapore to use solar panels to harvest energy and convert it into electricity for consumption in its Singapore yard. Photovoltaic cell installations are also in operation at Keppel Seghers Ulu Pandan NEWater Plant; the Keppel DHCS plant at Changi Business Park; Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre's office building; Ocean Financial Centre; Bugis Junction Towers; and Keppel Telecommunications and Transportation's distribution centre in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City. 

Reducing Waste

The Group strives to minimise waste generation, increase opportunities for reusing and recycling, as well as treat and dispose of waste responsibly where other options are not practicable. Scrap metals are collected at our shipyards and WTE plants for recycling while used papers are collected and recycled across the Group's businesses.

Managing Emissions & Effluents

The Group's carbon management strategy is to provide a basis for identifying, implementing, monitoring and tracking the carbon management action plans of our various business units. The key themes of this strategy are: Optimise energy consumption through information monitoring; improve operational efficiencies through the adoption of smart control systems and more energy-efficient equipment and technology; and imbue an environmentally conscious mindset in stakeholders.



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