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Community and Society

Community and Society

We strive to create positive economic and social impacts in the communities where we operate.

Keppel strives to operate in a socially responsible manner that generates economic and social capital, creating long-term, holistic value for the communities in which we operate. We engage and nurture communities wherever we are, with the aim of achieving a sustainable future together.

In partnership with organisations that share our values, we commit up to 1% of the Group’s annual net profits to worthy social causes. Such causes fall into the broad categories of education, industry advancement, arts and sports, care for the underprivileged, community development projects, environmental initiatives and healthcare or medical initiatives. 

Keppel Care Foundation: Doing Well by Doing Good  
Keppel Care Foundation is the Group's philanthropic arm. Established in 2012, the Foundation is a qualifying grantmaker that aims to sharpen, coordinate and sustain the Group's efforts and contributions to the communities where Keppel operates. The Foundation supports initiatives to protect the environment, promote education and care for the underprivileged. 

Please visit www.keppelcarefoundation.org for more information.

Download the Keppel Care Foundation FY2015 Financial Statements.

Keppel Volunteers: Making a Difference 
Keppel's community initiatives are bolstered by a robust culture of volunteerism. Our Group-wide volunteer movement, Keppel Volunteers, spearheads regular community outreach activities. Our employees are given two days of paid volunteer leave annually.

Keppel Volunteers organise regular and diverse activities with beneficiaries such as students of Association for Persons with Special Needs, senior citizens of Thye Hua Kwan Senior Activity Centres and Ren Ci Hospital as well as children from KK Women's and Children's Hospital.


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