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Managing Sustainability

Keppel Group Sustainability Management Structure

Sustainability issues are managed and communicated at all levels of the Group.

To consolidate and guide our sustainability initiatives across the Group, we have a cross-business unit structure comprising key management in our different businesses.

Mr Loh Chin Hua, Keppel Corporation's Chief Executive Officer, chairs the Group Sustainability Steering Committee, which sets our sustainability strategy and leads our performance in key focus areas. 

Reporting to the Steering Committee is the Group Sustainability Working Committee. The Working Committee comprises functional committees which oversee, execute and report the Group's strategic efforts across the material aspects of Economic Sustainability, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Environmental Performance, Product Excellence, Safety & Health, Labour Practices & Human Rights and Supply Chain Management.  

The Steering and Working Committees are supported by the Secretariat, sited in Group Corporate Communications, and Group Internal Audit, which facilitates reporting and advises on performance issues.

Keppel Corporation reports on and accounts for the Group's sustainability performance annually.

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