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Keppelite Recreation Club

Keppelite Recreation Club (KRC) was incepted in 1975 to serve as a platform for the promotion of higher productivity through a healthy workforce. KRC’s goal is to promote team spirit amongst Keppelites through recreational and sporting activities.

KRC has organised no less than 300 events and activities, covering not just the social and sporting interests of its members, but also participating in community service to help the less fortunate. Keppelites have participated in exciting overseas trips to Taiwan, Thailand and car rallies to Malaysia. Other fun-filled activities include bowling tournaments, sport fishing, cross-country races and gift donation drives.

For water sports lovers, KRC has formed a Dragon Boat team which took its first gold at the Gallop of the Dragons 2010 Race.

Over the years KRC has become an important link to connect Keppelites working in the various business units. Through KRC there have been many bonds have been forged and good experiences shared through social activities, sporting events, and a myriad of outdoor recreational activities.

The membership form is available at www.krc.com.sg

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