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Keppel Young Leaders

Keppel Young Leaders

Experience, Exposure, Enrichment

Keppel Young Leaders is a seedbed to nurture the Keppel Group's high-potential employees, and serves as a central platform to cultivate global mindset, innovation and entrepreneurship amongst them. It is an offshoot of Keppel's talent and succession management framework to develop a capable team with a continuous stream of future leaders.

Identified from business units worldwide, the young leaders will benefit from the mentorship and counsel of an advisory panel of senior management from across the Group.

Members are given opportunities to champion and participate in high-impact projects and cross-bordeKeppel Young Leadersr assignments beyond their job routines. In addition to the rich exposure and learning experiences, the young leaders will also enjoy greater interaction with one another, advancing the Group's global synergy and collective strength.

Keppel Young Leaders seeks to provide avenues for the well-rounded development of the Group's promising youths, whilst engaging them in fortifying and perpetuating the Keppel Culture and Can Do! Spirit.


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