Keppel Corporation

Loh Chin Hua Chief Executive Officer Chan Hon Chew Chief Financial Officer

Corporate Services

Robert Chong Director
Group Human Resources
Paul Tan Poh Lee Group Controller Louis Lim Director
Group Strategy & Development
(appointment till 1 Apr 2018) Managing Director Keppel Technology & Innovation
(effective 1 Jan 2018)
Khor Un‑Hun Director
Group Mergers & Acquisition
Cindy Lim Director
Group Corporate Development
Managing Director
Keppel Urban Solutions
(effective 1 Jan 2018)
Lynn Koh General Manager
Group Treasury
Caroline Chang General Manager
Group Legal
Ho Tong Yen General Manager
Group Corporate Communications
Tok Soo Hwa General Manager
Group Control & Accounts
Sepalika Kulasekera General Manager
Group Internal Audit
Kevin Chng General Manager
Group Risk & Compliance
Jacob Tong General Manager
Group Information Systems
Tay Guan Chew General Manager
Group Tax
Jaggi Ramesh Kumar General Manager
Group Health,
Safety & Environment
Eric Goh Chief Representative, China Linson Lim Soon Kooi Country Representative, Vietnam Tay Lim Heng Chief Executive Officer Sino‑Singapore Tianjin Eco‑City
Investment and Development


Keppel FELS Employees’ Union
Vincent Ho Mun Choong President Atyyah Binte Hassan General Secretary David Lim Kin Wai Executive Secretary
Keppel Employees’ Union
Razali Bin Maulod President Atan Enjah General Secretary
Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Employees’ Union
Tommy Goh Hock Wah President Eileen Yeo Chor Gek General Secretary
NTUC Central Committee Member
Mah Cheong Fatt Executive Secretary
Singapore Industrial & Services Employees’ Union
Sazali Bin Zainal President (effective 1 Jan 2018) Philip Lee Soon Fatt General Secretary Sylvia Choo Sor Chew Executive Secretary
Union of Power & Gas Employees’
Tay Seng Chye President Abdul Samad Bin Abdul Wahab General Secretary S. Thiagarajan Executive Secretary

Offshore & Marine

Chris Ong Leng Yeow Chief Executive Officer Keppel Offshore & Marine
(effective 1 Jul 2017)
Managing Director (Offshore) Keppel Offshore & Marine
(effective 5 Jun 2017)
Paul Tan Poh Lee Chief Financial Officer Keppel Offshore & Marine
(effective 1 Apr 2017)
Chor How Jat Managing Director
(Conversions & Repairs)
Keppel Offshore & Marine
(effective 5 Jun 2017)
Abu Bakar Bin Mohd Nor Managing Director
(Gas & Specialised Vessels)
Keppel Offshore & Marine
(effective 5 Jun 2017)


Dr Ong Tiong Guan Chief Executive Officer Keppel Infrastructure Lim Siew Hwa Chief Financial Officer Keppel Infrastructure Tan Boon Leng Executive Director
(Environmental Infrastructure)
Keppel Infrastructure Nicholas Lai Garchun Executive Director
(Energy Infrastructure)
Keppel Infrastructure Alan Tay Teck Loon Executive Director
(Business Development)
Keppel Infrastructure Thomas Pang Thieng Hwi Chief Executive Officer Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Tan Eng Hwa Chief Financial Officer Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Wong Wai Meng Chief Executive Officer Keppel Data Centres Desmond Gay Kah Meng Chief Executive Officer Keppel Logistics


Loh Chin Hua Executive Chairman Keppel Land Ang Wee Gee Chief Executive Officer Keppel Land
(appointment till 31 Dec 2017)
Lim Kei Hin Chief Financial Officer Keppel Land Louis Lim Chief Operating Officer Keppel Land
(effective 1 Jan 2018)
Ng Ooi Hooi President, Singapore Keppel Land Ben Lee Siew Keong President, China Keppel Land Linson Lim Soon Kooi President, Vietnam Keppel Land Goh York Lin President, Indonesia Keppel Land Sam Moon Thong President, Regional Investments Keppel Land


Christina Tan Hua Mui Chief Executive Officer Keppel Capital Managing Director Alpha Investment Partners
(appointment till 31 Jan 2018)
Paul Tham Chief Financial Officer Keppel Capital Tan Swee Yiow Chief Executive Officer Keppel REIT Management
(effective 20 Mar 2017)
Khor Un‑Hun Chief Executive Officer Keppel Infrastructure Fund Management Chua Hsien Yang Chief Executive Officer Keppel DC REIT Management David Eric Snyder Chief Executive Officer Keppel‑KBS US REIT Management
(effective 3 Nov 2017)
Alvin Mah Chief Executive Officer Alpha Investment Partners
(effective 1 Feb 2018)
Young Lok Kuan Executive Director Keppel Capital
(effective 1 Feb 2018)