Keppel harnesses the Group's strengths and diverse solutions in energy, property, infrastructure and connectivity to provide the latest urban solutions and create efficient and vibrant smart precincts and cities of the future.

Building Sustainable Cities

Keppel has a strong track record in building sustainable townships. Keppel leads the Singapore Consortium in the development of the Sino‑Singapore Tianjin Eco‑City, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018.

In 2017, Keppel Urban Solutions (KUS) was established as a platform to integrate the Group's different capabilities, and work with like‑minded partners to capture opportunities in the urbanisation megatrend as a master developer of large‑scale projects. Solutions provided by KUS will include masterplanning, developing and operating efficient horizontal infrastructure such as smart utilities and district‑level heating and cooling, providing connectivity and urban logistics, as well as innovative programming for engaged communities.

As a testament to Keppel's commitment to design, build and operate properties that harmonise with the environment, the Group garnered 13 awards at the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore Awards 2017. Separately, Keppel Land was named Overall Best Developer for Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar at the Euromoney Real Estate Awards.

Keppel Shipyard delivered the world's first converted Floating Liquefaction Vessel, Hilli Episeyo, one of six major project deliveries by the yard in 2017. LNG is considered to be the cleanest fossil fuel available and offers significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In another milestone, FueLNG, a joint venture between Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) and Shell Eastern Petroleum, achieved the first commercial LNG bunker transfer in Singapore for Hilli Episeyo.

Hilli Episeyo

Keppel Shipyard delivered the world’s first converted Floating Liquefaction Vessel, Hilli Episeyo (pictured).

KeppeI Infrastructure commenced construction for Singapore's first large‑scale dual‑mode desalination plant, the Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant, which is able to treat both seawater and freshwater. Slated for completion in 2020, the Plant will help bolster Singapore's water supply resilience.

Contributing to Hong Kong's goal of sustainable urbanisation, Keppel Seghers and Zhen Hua Engineering jointly secured a contract to design, build and operate an Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) off the coast of Shek Kwu Chau, Hong Kong. The IWMF includes a Waste‑to‑Energy (WTE) Plant, which will feature Keppel Seghers' proven WTE technology and flue gas cleaning system.

Tapping opportunities in e‑commerce and urban logistics, Keppel Logistics, a wholly‑owned subsidiary of Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation, launched UrbanFox to provide end‑to‑end omnichannel logistics and channel management solutions.

Investing for Growth

Keppel‑KBS US REIT was successfully listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange in 2017, raising about US$553 million. The REIT is backed by Keppel Capital and KBS Pacific Advisors, and has a distinctive portfolio of 11 quality investments strategically located in seven key US growth markets that are underpinned by stable macro fundamentals.

Driving Innovation

Keppel Technology and Innovation (KTI) was launched to be a catalyst for change by sharpening the Group's focus on innovation.

KTI is a platform for co‑creating and incubating ideas. KTI leverages the strong expertise, experience and track record of Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre (KOMtech), which is now included as an entity under KTI.

In 2017, KOMtech received the inaugural National Supercomputing Centre Outstanding High Performance Computing Industry Application Award for its research and commercial efforts to tap computational power to drive innovation and raise productivity.

Keppel O&M is exploring repurposing its offshore technology for sustainable solutions such as floating desalination plants, floating data centres and offshore logistics hubs.

Customer Health & Safety

The Group exercises due care and diligence in the design, construction and operation of its products and services to ensure that they are fit for use and do not pose health or safety hazards. We monitor and mitigate health and safety impacts throughout the life cycles of our products and services.