We strive to create sustainable growth and value for our stakeholders by executing our businesses profitably, safely and responsibly.
We strive to work with our stakeholders to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Keppel embraces sustainability not only as a guiding principle, but on strategic and operational levels. This section contains a concise review of our management approaches in the key areas of Corporate Governance and Risk Management, Environmental Performance, Product Excellence, Safety & Health, Labour Practices & Human Rights and Our Community.

Management Structure

Sustainability issues are managed and communicated at all levels of the Group. The Group Sustainability Steering Committee comprises senior management from across the Group and sets our sustainability strategy.

Supporting the Steering Committee is the Working Committee, consisting of several sub-committees, that executes our sustainability strategy and reports on performance. To strengthen the management of environmental, social and governance impacts along our supply chain, a Supply Chain Management Sub-Committee was formed in 2015.

Materiality Analysis

To identify and prioritise the economic, environmental and social concerns of the Group and our stakeholders, we worked on materiality analyses with an independent consultant. The latest exercise was concluded in early 2015.

During the exercise, we carried out an internal review of our businesses, and considered external stakeholder issues as well as long-term global trends which could impact our businesses.

To gain deeper insights, we extended the analysis with separate workshops to engage senior management of Keppel Offshore & Marine and Keppel Infrastructure. The findings were analysed together with recently-concluded materiality analyses of Keppel Land and Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation for a consolidated review of issues material to Keppel Corporation.

We have incorporated the findings and recommendations to improve our sustainability strategy and processes.

Stakeholder Engagement

We continue to proactively engage our stakeholders and refine our existing practices and communications in line with feedback received.

We address sustainability issues through our support of corporate social responsibility initiatives in areas such as manpower, workplace safety, as well as health and environmental protection. We also sponsored and participated in arts, education and community initiatives.

Best Practice Reporting

We publish sustainability reports annually, and the next report will be published in July 2016. Our sustainability reports draw on internationally-recognised standards of reporting, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The upcoming report will be developed in accordance with GRI G4.0 guidelines.

The reports’ contents are defined by materiality analyses and stakeholder engagement exercises, and are accessible at our corporate website

External assurance provides an objective evaluation of how well we report our sustainability performance. Our sustainability report will be assured externally in accordance with the AA1000 Assurance Standard 2008 and ISAE3000.