Key Figures
for 2015
Decreased 22% from
FY 2014's $13.3 billion.
Revenue decreased due mainly to lower volume of work in the Offshore & Marine Division and lower revenue from the Infrastructure Division. This was partially offset by the Property Division’s higher revenue from China.
Net Profit
Decreased 19% from
FY 2014's $1,885 million.
Net profit decreased due mainly to the Offshore & Marine and Infrastructure divisions, partially offset by higher contribution from the Property Division arising from lower non-controlling interest following the privatisation of Keppel Land Limited.
Return On Equity
Decreased by 4.6 percentage
points from FY 2014's 18.8%.
Return on Equity decreased due mainly to the decline in net profit and higher equity.
Economic Value Added
Decreased $1,130 million from
FY 2014's $1,778 million.
Economic Value Added was lower due mainly to lower net operating profit after tax.
Earnings Per Share
Decreased 19% from
FY 2014’s $1.04 per share.
There was no significant dilution in Earnings Per Share because no major capital call has been made since 1997.
Cash Dividend Per Share
Decreased 29% from FY 2014's
cash dividend of 48.0 cents per share.
Total distribution for 2015 will comprise a final proposed cash dividend of 22.0 cents per share and an interim cash dividend of 12.0 cents per share.
Net Asset Value Per Share
Increased 7% from
FY 2014’s $5.73 per share.
Net Gearing Ratio
Increased from
FY 2014’s net gearing of 0.11x.