Mr Chan Hon Chew, CFO of Keppel Corporation, engages an analyst at the Company’s results briefing.

Amidst a challenging macroeconomic environment, we remain focused on engaging the financial community regularly and in a timely manner, providing them with an accurate and balanced account of the Keppel Group’s performance and highlights. Through a structured Investor Relations (IR) programme, we seek to help the financial community better understand our multi-business strategy with the aim of achieving fair valuation.

Keppel continues to engage investors both locally and overseas, so as to maintain a diversified and robust shareholder base. As at 10 February 2016, institutional investors formed 57.8% of our issued capital, while retail shareholders formed the remaining 42.2%. Our shareholder base remains geographically diverse, spreading across Asia, North America and Europe.

*Others comprise shareholders beyond the Top 50, who collectively owned approximately 20% of the Company’s issued share capital as at 10 February 2016.
Engaging Investors

As part of ongoing communication with shareholders and investors, the management and IR team held some 230 meetings and conference calls with institutional investors in 2015.

During the year, senior management continued to travel widely for non-deal roadshows to meet investors in Canada, France, Hong Kong, the UK and the US. We also hosted several site visits to our shipyards in Singapore, as well as to our properties in Vietnam.

Besides the regular results webcasts and conferences, we conducted analyst briefings for major corporate announcements such as the privatisation of Keppel Land. We also organised roadshows in Singapore and Hong Kong, and held conference calls with shareholders in the US and the UK to communicate the rationale for the privatisation.

In 2015, Keppel continued to strengthen ties with industry stakeholders, participating in the annual Oil & Offshore Conference organised by Pareto Securities in Oslo, Norway.

With an increasing rate of global smartphone penetration and a shift toward a “paperless society”, we launched an interactive version of our Annual Report, which is also mobile-friendly. Since the launch of our Annual Report microsite in March 2015, monthly website traffic has more than doubled. In addition, Keppel Corporation’s 2015 Annual Report was ranked within the Top 400 Best Annual Reports globally by ReportWatch.

Keppel’s corporate website continues to be the key channel through which we communicate and broadcast company news to the public in a timely manner. We will continue to enhance our communication channels and platforms to facilitate access to important corporate information and news.

Sustaining Value

Despite headwinds in the Offshore & Marine industry and plunging oil prices, Keppel’s dividend payout for FY 2015 was underpinned by higher contributions from our other business units.

Balancing Keppel’s performance as well as the Company’s needs for future growth, our Board proposed a total cash dividend of 34 cents per share for FY 2015. This represents a 40% payout ratio, including an interim cash dividend of 12 cents per share paid out in August 2015, and a proposed final cash dividend of 22 cents per share.

We remain committed to building sustainable value for our shareholders, harnessing strengths across the Group to capture value through a robust multi-business strategy.

Total Cash Dividend Payout
of Group net profit for FY 2015.

10-year Total Shareholder Return (TSR) Growth
This is above STI’s annualised TSR growth rate of 5.0%.
Significant Events
  • Keppel Corporation launched the voluntary unconditional cash offer for Keppel Land on
    23 January 2015.
  • Keppel Corporation launched an interactive version of its Annual Report, ensuring that the report is user-friendly, easily accessible and enhanced for viewing on mainstream mobile devices.
  • Keppel Corporation achieved total shareholding of over 99% in Keppel Land at the completion of the privatisation of the latter.
  • Keppel Corporation was ranked third in the annual Governance and Transparency Index.
  • Keppel Corporation was listed as an index component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices Asia Pacific Index for the third consecutive year. The Company was also included as a constituent of the MSCI Global Sustainability Index and the Euronext Vigeo World 120 Index.

Investor Relations Calendar
Apart from regular meetings and conference calls with global institutional investors, the following events and initiatives were organised in 2015 to engage the financial community:
Q1 2015
  • 4Q & FY 2014 results conference and live webcast.
  • Media and analysts’ briefing on the voluntary unconditional cash offer for Keppel Land.
  • Launched the Keppel Corporation Annual Report microsite.
  • Hosted Sumitomo Mitsui Trust for a site visit to yards in Singapore.
  • Went on non-deal roadshows in Singapore and Hong Kong with DBS and Credit Suisse.
Q2 2015
  • 1Q 2015 live results webcast.
  • Convened the Annual General Meeting.
  • Hosted group visits to Keppel FELS with DNB Markets Shipping (Norway) and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
  • Went on non-deal roadshows to New York, Boston and Toronto with Barclays, and to London, Edinburgh and Paris with UBS.

Q3 2015
  • 2Q & 1H 2015 results conference and live webcast.
  • Participated in Pareto Securities’ 22nd annual Oil & Offshore Conference in Norway.
  • Hosted group visits to Keppel FELS for clients of Daiwa and JP Morgan.
  • Hosted a site visit to The Estella and Saigon Centre in Ho Chi Minh City for a group of institutional investors.

Q4 2015
  • 3Q & 9M 2015 live results webcast.
  • Went on a non-deal roadshow to Hong Kong with Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
  • Hosted an investor’s visit to The Estella in Ho Chi Minh City.