We recognise sustainability as a central factor in our long-term competitiveness and are committed to be a responsible corporate citizen.
We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen, integrating sustainability into our business strategies and reaching out to communities where we operate.

Our sustainability report will be published in July 2015. It will articulate our performance in six key focus areas: Corporate Governance and Risk Management, Environmental Performance, Product Excellence, Safety & Health, Labour Practices & Human Rights, and Community Development. This section contains a concise review of these areas and our management approaches.

Managing Structure

Sustainability issues are managed and communicated at all levels of the Group. The Group Sustainability Steering Committee comprises senior management from across the Keppel Group and sets our sustainability strategy.

Supporting the Steering Committee is the Working Committee, consisting of six functional teams, that executes our sustainability strategy and reports our performance.

Materiality Analysis

To identify and prioritise the economic, environmental and social concerns of the Company and our stakeholders, we undertook a materiality analysis with an independent sustainability consultancy in 2014.

Business unit senior management and employees first completed an online survey on issues most material to their operations, before discussing and finalising these issues at workshops specific to their business units.

At the conclusion of this exercise in 2015, we will have conducted separate materiality analyses for all our business units. The results will serve as guidance for the Group's future sustainability actions and reporting processes.

Stakeholder Engagement

Recognising that business and sustainability goals are best aligned through proactive stakeholder engagement, we conducted a stakeholder consultation exercise in 2013.

Facilitated by an independent sustainability consultancy, the exercise involved a sample pool of customers, employees, government contacts, investors, analysts, suppliers and non-governmental organisations in a review of our priority areas and economic, environmental and social efforts. We have refined our existing practices and communications in line with the feedback received.

We also address sustainability issues through our support of corporate social responsibility initiatives in areas such as manpower, workplace safety and health and environmental protection.

Best Practice Reporting

Our sustainability reports draw on internationally-recognised standards of reporting, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 3.1 guidelines. We are preparing to report in accordance with the GRI G4 guidelines.

External assurance provides an objective evaluation of how well we report our sustainability performance. Our sustainability report will be assured externally in accordance with the AA1000 Assurance Standard 2008 and ISAE3000.