We host regular site visits as part of our outreach to the investment community.

We believe it is important to provide a timely, transparent, accurate and balanced account of the Keppel Group's performance to our shareholders as part of good corporate governance. Through a structured Investor Relations (IR) programme, we seek to help investors better understand our businesses, operating climate and strategic directions, as well as encourage feedback.

Our consistent efforts in equipping investors to make well-informed investment decisions will help to achieve fair valuation of our Company, which sustains value for shareholders.

As at 13 February 2015, institutions formed 63.2% of our shareholder base, while retail shareholders accounted for the remaining 36.8%. Our shareholders are geographically diversified across countries in Asia, North America, Europe and other regions.

* Others comprise shareholders beyond the Top 50, who collectively owned approximately 20% of the Company's issued share capital as at 13 February 2015.
Engaging Investors

To better engage the international investment community as well as ensure a level playing field, our management and IR personnel held 360 meetings and conference calls with institutional investors in 2014.

We continued to travel widely for non-deal roadshows to meet investors across countries such as Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and the US. We also hosted several facility visits to our shipyards, plants and data centres in Singapore as well as tours of our Brazilian yard in Angra dos Reis.

Apart from the regular results webcasts and conferences, we held analyst briefings for major corporate announcements such as Keppel Offshore & Marine's (Keppel O&M) Management Services Agreement (MSA) with the Titan Petrochemicals Group (Titan). These briefings provide platforms to effectively communicate the Company's developments as well as address potential concerns from the market.

We continued to engage our retail shareholders outside of the Company's general meetings and renewed our long-term sponsorship of the Securities Investors Association Singapore's (SIAS) Investor Education Programme, which benefits some 2,400 of Keppel Corporation's retail shareholders.

Our website is a key channel through which we communicate and broadcast company news to the investment community.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, we launched our iOS and Android compatible mobile website in February 2014 to enhance investors' access to company information. We also included a mobile-friendly version of our live quarterly results webcast with a function that allows viewers to post questions to our management in real time. We will continue to enhance the features of our website and other platforms to facilitate investor's access to important company information.

Our ongoing efforts to improve communications with investors have been recognised by the investment community. In 2014, Keppel Corporation topped the Governance & Transparency Index as the Best Governed and Most Transparent Listed Company in Singapore. We were also conferred the Singapore Corporate Governance Award for big-cap companies by the SIAS during the year.

Sustaining Value

Despite the competitive landscape and the oil price volatility in 2014, Keppel Corporation continued to maintain a solid dividend payout, backed by strong financial performance and a robust balance sheet.

To reward shareholders fairly, our Board has proposed a total cash dividend of 48 cents per share for 2014. This includes a proposed final cash dividend of 36 cents per share and an interim cash dividend of 12 cents per share paid in 3Q 2014. The total cash payout proposed represents 46% of our net profit for 2014.

Significant Events
  • Mr Loh Chin Hua was appointed CEO of Keppel Corporation and an Executive Director to the Board on
    1 January 2014.
  • Mr Chan Hon Chew was appointed CFO of Keppel Corporation on 1 February 2014.
  • Keppel Corporation extended its sole sponsorship of the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize with a further commitment of $1.75 million, bringing its total commitment to date to $3.5 million. The latest contribution supports another five cycles of the biennial award from 2020
    to 2028.
  • The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City was selected as a National Green Building Base by the China Green Building Council at the seventh Plenary Committee Meeting of the China Green Building Council.
  • Keppel Corporation hosted the 77th ASEAN Council on Petroleum National Committee & Associated Meetings, a platform for strengthening synergy and fostering cooperation in Southeast Asia's petroleum sector.
  • Ocean Mineral Singapore received approval from the International Seabed Authority for its first seabed exploration licence.
  • The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City's National Green Development Demonstration Plan was approved by China's State Council.

The following events and initiatives were organised in 2014 as part of ongoing efforts to enhance our outreach to investors and analysts:
Q1 2014
  • FY 2013 results conference and live webcast.
  • Launched a mobile-friendly corporate website with webcast and question-and-answer capabilities.
  • Non-deal roadshows to Kuala Lumpur with DMG-OSK, and to London, Frankfurt and Zurich with UBS.
  • Group visits to Keppel FELS with DMG-OSK and Citigroup.
  • Group tour of Keppel Merlimau Cogen plant with Credit Suisse.
  • Investor visits to logistics facilities and a WTE plant in Singapore.
Q2 2014
  • 1Q 2014 live results webcast.
  • Convened Annual General Meeting.
  • Held analysts' briefing for Keppel O&M's MSA with Titan.
  • Non-deal roadshows to Houston with Citigroup, and to Hong Kong and Japan with Daiwa.
  • Group visits to Keppel FELS for clients of Deutsche Bank, Nomura and DBS.
  • Hosted a Citigroup analyst's visit to Keppel Nantong Shipyard in China.
  • Site visits to data centres and infrastructure plants in Singapore.
Q3 2014
  • 2Q & 1H 2014 results conference and live webcast.
  • Participated in Pareto Securities' 21st annual Oil & Offshore Conference in Norway.
  • Non-deal roadshows to New York, Boston and Toronto with Citigroup, and to Amsterdam with Credit Suisse.
  • Shipyard visits for clients and analysts of AmInvestment and DNB Bank.
  • Group visits to Keppel's Brazilian shipyard with Credit Suisse and UBS.
  • Group visit to the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City in China.
Q4 2014
  • 3Q & 9M 2014 live results webcast.
  • Non-deal roadshows to Los Angeles and San Francisco with JP Morgan.
  • Group visits to Keppel FELS with Morgan Stanley and Fearnley Fonds.