Group at
a Glance
Keppel Corporation
Revenue ($ million)
increase from
FY 2013's $12,380m.
Net Profit ($ million)
increase from
FY 2013's $1,846m.
Strategic Directions
  • Stay focused on multi-business model and core competencies, while seeking opportunities in close adjacencies.
  • Sharpen execution through constant improvements to optimise productivity and efficiencies.
  • Invest continuously in Research & Development and innovation to provide customers with the best value proposition.
  • Bolster bench strength through talent management and succession planning.
  • Maintain strong financial discipline and deploy capital astutely to seize opportunities for the best risk-adjusted returns.
Offshore & Marine
Revenue ($ million)
Net Profit ($ million)
Focus For 2015/2016
  • Sharpen execution to extract value from backlog of orders.
  • Harness synergy of global yards to provide newbuild, repair and upgrading solutions to customers.
  • Maintain emphasis on technology development to sharpen competitiveness.
  • Seize opportunities in new markets and adjacent businesses for long-term growth.
Revenue ($ million)
Net Profit ($ million)
Focus For 2015/2016
  • Complete the proposed combination of KIT and CIT, enhance the asset portfolio and seek acquisition opportunities.
  • Complete the Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects in the UK
    and Qatar.
  • Grow expertise in Waste-to-Energy technology package deployment and expand market share in Singapore
    and China.
  • Expand logistics business in target markets in Asia Pacific, and grow a pipeline of quality data centre assets for injection into the newly-listed Keppel DC REIT.
Revenue ($ million)
Net Profit ($ million)
Focus For 2015/2016
  • Invest strategically and opportunistically in developed and emerging markets, new platforms, projects and properties.
  • Scale up commercial presence overseas.
  • Monetise assets to recycle capital.
  • Grow fund management businesses for steady recurring income.
  • Step up sustainability efforts.
Revenue ($ million)
Net Profit ($ million)
Focus For 2015/2016
  • k1 Ventures will manage its investment portfolio to create shareholder value and distribute excess cash as and when its investments are monetised.
  • KrisEnergy will focus on executing its planned development projects, maximising production efficiencies and controlling capital expenditure.
  • M1 will focus on delivering better user experience to further increase market competitiveness.